One of a kind: Maroon Clownfish

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OK, everyone stop for a moment.

Have you guys run into cases like your friends come visit with their dog and the dog starts pushing everyone on to the floor in its path and start tearing your softer into pcs and even go pee pee here and there? Yet their owner would say, "nice dog, nice dog." This fish of Julian has obviously become his love, so stop saying anything bad about this fish. LOL.

Julian I am just messing with you hehehe.

Seriously, it's a good looking one.
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-Well hopefully it gets a little more aggressive because it's not standing up to the anthias and they like to split it's fins for fun :smash:

I think the problem is that yours is still small, once it get larger the tables will turn and it can become a problem.

-So if they really are sold at Petco then how come no one posts about it?

I think the reason you didn't hear anything about them is because most people don't keep Maroon clowns, as compared to the other type of clowns. Partly because they get large and partly because they get very aggressive, unlike the other clowns which fit in very well in our smaller to medium size reef tanks.