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What up thou I think u need to befriend some of ur neighbors and get out a little cause ur def wrong if u think there aren't people around u with high end stuff just cause they don't post on Mr showing of there stuff don't mean that they don't exist I for one have about 30/40 named z&p and i used to have alot more along with other high end corals and i have friends that's around me that part of rc they say they don't like Mr too Manny kids they say and some even have bigger tanks than my 150 so I don't know y u say there are no high end stuff around u ????
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jersey city
I seen a few,more then enough peoples in the bx with high end coral zzz n p'z ,I just wish we had breeders of flawless high end designer clowns around the try states erea ,like I said none lol!! Look harder there is a guy by Yankee stadium that sells from time to time nice stuff

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