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Next thing you know, you're just going to have a computer looking at your tank, instead of looking at it yourself...

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the mindsteam looks amazing, if they create a doser to connect to it they can have all my money.
I saw the mindstream in action the other week. Have a video of it on my phone. The program isn't all nice and pretty but they are redesigning the UI. Functionally is pretty close to ready.


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The mindstream was supposed to be out years ago. They had recently ran into somenissues and were looking for donations on gofundme and kickstarter to get things back in order. Glad to see they figured out something if you saw them last week
As far as the automated alk and cal I think is awesome for people who work and don't have the time that they wish they had to give to our tanks. It would really come in handy for someone like me who works 16 hours days not including the 45 minutes it takes me to get to and from work


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If I had the $$$ for it I'd have it on my new build I'm putting together. I'm in the same boat as many others with maybe a few free hours a week to work on my tank. This would help out alot.


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With the mindstream are the plates or wet-side disposable do they have to be replaced he said in the video the wetside is fixed with 2 salinity probes those usually need to get replaced after a year or so or is this somehow different


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Yeah but a salinity probe on the apex is about $100 with this product going for $700-$900 and the dry side is only a transformer even if it lasts for 2 years that's still allot of money

You can calculate it as if your replacing all of the probes but even then lots of $$
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