Newbie reefer on Staten Island


Babe it was on sale!
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good luck

feel free to ask anything, and ask if anyone has some coral for sale local. guys always have some stuff.


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Great size tank IMO, looks like its off to a good start. Take your time with it and i'm sure it will turn out great. Like nuch said ask anything, there are a lot of nice people here with lots of experience.


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just took a look at the tank pic. Looks like its off to a great start as others have said. The only thing I would suggest at this point is getting rid of the domino. Thats known to be one of the most aggressive fish when it matures.


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I second getting rid of the damsel. Dominoes are cute when little & if you have a BTA they might host it but as they mature they are quite aggressive and their jet black color washes out.

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