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Well, after having exhausted my attempts to get someone to fix my dive computer, I am here to give you a story that you may want to read if you do business with Leisurepro (

As you may know, Leisurepro does not seem to be an authorized dealer for ANYTHING (at least as far as I can tell). However, they claim to honor the same warranty as the manufacturer for anything you buy from them.

I recently purchased over $1500 worth of equipment from them for a dive trip to Belize. One of the items that I bought was the Aeris Atmos 2 dive computer, which came highly recommended by the salesman. As I was leaving the store, he told me that if I ever had any problems with the computer I could bring it into them for service.

Well, on my FIRST dive of the trip, I surfaced and looked at my computer and noticed that the compass was GONE. This isn't a "removable" part in the sense that it is seated in the console. I didn't even know it could be removed, and I am still very confident that it could only become dislodged with some sort of tool or extreme force. I did a nice easy dive to 45 ft and did not bump into anything. I have no idea why the computer disappeared, except to say that it must have been a manufacturing defect.

I went into Leisurepro and showed them the unit as well as my receipt for $1500. They first told me that it was a warranty issue and I would have to take it up with Aeris (so much for the warm and friendly "bring it back if you have any problems"). I asked how much a replacement would be and was told that it was $30. I then asked if they could see if there was a way to give me a free compass seeing as I had spent a nice chunk of change in there a few weeks prior. They said no, and that I should take it up with Aeris. The gentlemen was "nice" enough to offer to give me Aeris's phone number (this is strange, given what happens next). The salesman could see that I was clearly disappointed in their response.

So I called Aeris and was informed that they had never heard of anything like that happening before, but it was indeed covered by the warranty and Leisurepro would have to cover it. Since they are not an authorized dealer, they couldn't help me (remember, Leisurepro claims to honor the same warranty as the manufacturer).

I called Leisurepro back and told them what Aeris had said, but they insisted that they could not replace anything that had been lost. We both agreed that the only reason it was lost was due to a manufacturing defect, but alas, they still insisted that they cannot replace anything that is lost.

Now, it's not like I lost the entire computer. This is basically a part that came loose, and clearly I had no opportunity to save it.

I'm not sure who is to blame in this situation, but I do know one thing, I will not deal with Leisurepro again.

Think about it, I spent $1500 there in one day. I have another trip planned for February, and I know I need at least another $1000 worth of gear for my wife. I was clearly angry when I left the store, and this would have easily been resolved if they had just given me the $30 part.

I work for a very large retailer and I know that the relationship with the customer is the key to any business. When you don't think about the long term effects of your actions, you are doomed to fail in business.

I advise anyone who reads this to be very careful when dealing with Leisurepro. They are not authorized to sell their products, they will not service the products when you need it, and most importantly, they don't care about you as a customer.

These three things add up to Customer Service disasters and I am "glad" that I only got stiffed for $30 before seeing their true stripes.



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That sucks! Maybe the business is a front; I don't know how they could survive very long treating customers like that. How was the the trip? Got any pix?


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Sorry to hear about your experience.
How did u like Belize? Any pics? I am going back there this summer. I cant wait. I have lots of family there.
BTW, did u ever go to Tobacco key?


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Here's my method of dealing with retailers that treat me like a schmuck.

Head back into the store, don't mention the missing part or the prior problem. Just grab all the gear that you need, take the most expensive stuff, get it all, no holding back. Now, have the salesperson ring it up. Once you get the total, bust out the computer, tell them that you want the part replaced. The salesperson, not wanting to lose out on a $1000 or more sale, will probably give you the part. $30 freebie in exchange for a thousand plus is a no brainer. Then, once you have the part, simply turn around and walk out.

If they don't give you the part, walk out. The salesperson will have to explain to whomever is there that you purchased $1500 plus stuff in the beginning of the year and you were ready to purchase another$1000 or so but, thanks to a cheap $30 piece of faulty equipment, you will be taking your business elsewhere.

While you might not get the piece replaced, you will, most likely piss off the salesperson.

Also, I would contact the manufacturer of the computer and explain that you bought their product and that the store that sold it will not honor the warranty. Explain that you are a valued customer etc. It's a minor price for them to pay to keep the customer happy. Don't settle for the schmuck that answers the phone. Go up the food chain.

I bought a palm pilot from an online dealer and found out after I received it, that the dealer was not authorized and the palm was not covered under warranty. I called the company, spoke with a supervisor, explain how I had purchase x amount of palm pilots over the years etc and I got my palm covered by their warranty (never needed it anyway - more of a mission than anything else).

Don't settle for the answers you got. If you do, you allow these companies to continue take advantage of the end user.

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