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Old 08-07-2019, 04:55 PM
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I think one difference between this hobby and other hobbies I have had in the past is that you can’t just take a break. So when people need a”break” they shut their tank down. Making beer, wood working etc I haven’t done in years and I just keep my equipment on a shelf. I really enjoy my tank even though I have 3 kids and 2 jobs. I find it to be pretty relaxing and it’s also amazing to see these little frags you buy grow sometimes even day to day. One of the biggest limiters for me is the price of everything but the good thing with the corals is when you can start selling/ trading them to offset some of the costs.
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Old 08-09-2019, 11:06 AM
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Charley, if you need to increase your KH, these daily testings are indeed needed, but the week or so that it will take you to reach the desire levels.

After that you can go back to weekly testings. It is not bad at all. With a simple test kit (BRS did a video about that) it only takes a couple of minutes.
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Old 08-09-2019, 12:08 PM
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@Geraud yes agree. I contacted Bob from ESV and he took the time and was kind to enough to email detailed great advice...beyond so much appreciated. I started at around 6 dkh and got up to about 7.95. Did daily testing, np. My target was 9 ish but hit a brick wall after 2 or 3 weeks. then the mini crash hit and stopped the daily testing. Oddly enough my tank was doing great at 6.

So here I am. I could use a dual rector for rowa/carbon. I need a dosing pump, been doing by hand and a battery back up that ecotech has. Another 400 bucks ish in the hopes of improving the situation.Not to mention an apex would be great...another $450 bucks ( I have the doser part I picked up cheap)! Not to mention a reboot of corals, fish.......I one still with all this have to do things rather diligently or your toast.

Some will say, you should have done this sooner. Yeah sure if wasn't for a 25% reduction in salary back in Sept. etc. Very easy for people to say this or that.

But that aside I can do it, but more a question do I want to double down? Is the hobby worth it? How much is enough already? Only responding so much because this all hit and on the cusp at this moment with this thread. What is the COMPELLING reason for people to stay in? @grsfish gave one one the sweetest reasons to stay in IMHO, very heartfelt.

What do I think about the hobby?

1) if your a DIY type person, awesome you have the skills to save some big bucks thats great
2) You have tons of money to automatic everything when you need too, thats great
3) a person who has tons of time, retired etc......thats great
3) anywhere in between, not so good

I will most likely stay in. But not holding back about my thoughts about the hobby. Might even start a new thread about being on the cusp as a tank thread. Let everyone lay into me about my thoughts and a lousy reefkeeper etc...

And coincidentally , there is thread started today on reef2reef titled

"Is this hobby ever going to be fun, ha"

This is the prob....more frustrating than fun with a high risk to reward ratio in terms of $. Its a tough deal.....

And just found out 2 battery backs are needed, not 1 to back up the vectra and 2 vortechs. .another $170 to bring things up to par and not have the back up police on my case....oh well. Hair algae is looking better to me all the time

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