Sand or no sand


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So finally gettin ready for the upgrade which will be sps dominant still debating whether to go with sand or no sand I have a lot of wrasses though so not really sure help


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Most wrasses do not need sand to sleep in as they would find spots near rocks or caves to sleep in. The yellow coris wrasse and leopard wrasse are examples of wrasse that bury themselves in the sand.

I have a 150 with a 1-2 inch sand bed. If it weren't for those fish I would have gone bare bottom.


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I keep a small plastic container with sand for my wrasse to sleep in. Before I put the container in, my wrasse would try to dig into the glass bottom. Once the container with sand is put in. He find it and goes into the sand every night. My container size is 4x6" with 3" of sand.


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I tried bare bottom and agree it?s easier to maintain but really don?t like the look so shallow sand bed for me.

Really depends on what you looking to achieve.

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