10+ years on MR and still have a tank roll call


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Ok let’s see who has been on this site 2009 and earlier and still has a tank running. Even those old lurkers post up. Not if you have been in the hobby for 10+. You have had to of been a member on here
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Since 2003, pretty much when the site came up. I still have 2 of my tank running, one other was upgraded, and another was closed down about 6 years ago and switched over to a different size of tank.
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2008 for me
I learned a huge amount from MR
still have the tank but restarted after hurricane sandy
also learned how to breed clown fish on this site
now trying to handle my sps addiction
I met great people here.
happy thanksgiving !!!


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Been a member since 2009. Back when Wingo was making LED lights and breeding clownfish.

Started off with a fluval edge 5 gallon. 11 years later and I have a Nuvo fusion 10 gallon lol.

Maybe in the next decade, I’ll have a big tank.

Met a lot of nice people over the years.

Where is Thirty five and Thirty six?

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Found my way here in 2007. I have been in the hobby 30+ years back when under gravel filters were the only filter used! Took some time off for a few years but back at it again. Currently have 120g but haven’t done much in the last few months while we build our new house. Can’t wait to see what I can create once we move in!

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Member since November 2008, only took a short break (8mons) when I moved and restarted with livestock and equipment purchased from many MR members along the way back. Now I’m running a 36” Elos cube.