They were just reopened as "The Aquarium Shop" by the same team who has Manhattan Aquariums actually. The pictures look very promising.
Just went yesterday and the place is looking really good! They said a SW shipment comes in today. FW on Sunday or Monday.


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I remember doing drives to LI. Country Critter was very good. Like the Pets warehouse. The good days of fish stores are becoming non existing. Real shame what happen to this hobby.


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Each store has their own niche. Aquahut in coram has amazing prices on dry goods and fish. For clean up crew and inverts I’d say caribbean blue aquatics in bay shore since they have the widest selection. Pets warehouse in lindenhurst and Carle place normally have great quality livestock and are good for coral. Country critters in patchogue has high quality livestock and one of few places with high end equipment readily available. If you’re doing the sunrise highway strip which 3 of the stores I just mentioned are right off of it you might as well stop at BTJs, livestock seem well taken care of and have been there awhile. Recently started going to Advanced Marine Aquatics in Albertson. The prices are great and the fish are top quality, I like how he’ll also give a heads up on new arrivals and tell you to wait a week or so.


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For real though. To make this thread effective, please email if you use:

and cannot find a store in there! We will add them.

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