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For info on Zero edge aquariums PM either ZeroEdge or one of the House of fish guys (Masterswimmer or House of Laughter) They should be able to help you with any questions you have.


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The only negative things I can think about, it has to be perfectly level, but the stand comes with adjustable legs(I THINK).
Coraline grows on the inside and outside of the tank glass, scraping on the inside corners is more tough if you want to keep that perfect look. Snails will climb to the outside too. Much more evaporation because much more surface area. Little kids may have a tendacy to put their greasy hands in, touching the water. Other tanks have a canopy which much more likely prevents that. Everybody who's seen one has probably touched the water on the outside (including me), but I have yet to find someone that wants to stick their hands in my tank at home with a canopy.
I think thats it.


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Your cat might also get quite curious with the water constantly running. Mine sometimes tries to play with the water in my sump if the level gets too low and she can see the water moving around.

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I have also seen people build small platforms to raise them higher (out of reach of kids and cats) and higher to the eye view as well as leveling - they do have legs now.

Snails aren't as big an issue as people think - the outside gets algae too and they can't fall into the sump because there is a filter screen there.

Hope that helps.



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What is needed for these tanks, aside from the tank/stand/sump/pumps/lights/skimmer?
and of course livestock.
Im trying to figure out how much I would have to pay. aside from what comes with the tank/stand/sump.


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you have to watch with the fish too. at macna every year, ORA takes all the clowns out before night and moves them into the sump since they rise to the surface when they sleep and end up in the screen.

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