Washington DC, National Aquarium = Disappointed


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Apologies for the quality & lack of pictures.....after a while I just stopped trying.
It was really bad.
Fish seemd healthy but the tanks were really horrible.
There were plenty of Fresh water displays that were in better condition, but anything salt related was not maintained.

Located in the Department Of Commerce building & is only 1 floor on the lower level.

Here are some of the better tanks -



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Tank pics 2 and 8 look a little bad.It's a shame that they let them get to that way. :(
Those two tanks look like these tanks I have seen in a Bklyn Lfs.
How was the rest of the Aquarium?

Thanks for sharing :D
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I was down there about a year ago and checked it out. It is pretty terrible. Nothing looked well cared for, fish were in bad shape along with their tanks. The freshwater was better but they had their stingrays in a gravel bottom tank... no sand whatsoever. How do you have people employed at a place like this and nobody raises an eyebrow at a stingray tank with a gravel bottom?

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