RyanGrieder's 29g Bio-Cube Tank...


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RyanGrieders 29g Bio-Cube Finally Back Up And Running! Sit Back And Enjoy!

ive been through alot of tanks in the past, but finally decided to set up my bio-cube again.
its a fun tank, simple, and always turns out great. i had this tank running for about a half year...then broke it down sadly due to not having enough time for it.
so about a week ago i realized, well school is out, im still looking for a job and only work part time, screw it why not set her back up! previously when i had it set up it was just a stock biocube sitting on my dresser. this time i decided to upgrade it a tad. i did a few mods to it, and still planning on doing more to it.

so far...

i changed the bulbs to the new coralife bulbs. i know everyone thinks coralife is just a cheap brand, but ill tell you what...the new bulbs they have out are AWESOME...IF you like purple/blue instead of actinic blue. the 10k's are pretty much the same, but the actinics are great. im running a 460actinic, and a 460actinic/10k 50/50 power compact bulb.
I also took out the 3 stock small LED's that are crap and installed a 3 3-watt leds. the two outside LEDs are super blue actinic's and the middle LED is a purple/uv LED. the turn out was GREAT!

i changed the little fan they have in it into 2 larger fans

i got rid of my little oceanic biocube skimmer into the aquaticlife skimmer.

took all the stock bio-balls out and put in 15 carbon, 15 phosphate, 15 sponge, and 15 nitrate bioballs. they are those bio-balls with the media inside the bio-balls. i also put in ROWA-phos bag, chemi pure, and purigen. on top of all of that is a little thin sponge so it wont hold too much garbage and start a nitrate issue like i have in the past.

i got the small 5w Oceanic UV sterlizer.

I picked up that Hydor snap on spinning powerhead that goes over the return line, but did not hook it up yet.

picked up the smaller nano vertec powerhead, but also did not hook that up yet, trying to learn it still.

and last but not least...even though its not an upgrade, but i got the real stand made for it. alot better then a dresser! lol

my future plans are to cut out the center bacl wall and put acrylic over it and a small LED light and make a small fuge on the bottom, but been too lazy and figured i can add that later on.

my BIG future plan is something i posted on another thread about drilling a bio-cube and putting a full sump under it, but i think im going to look for another cheap used bio-cube and do that will...not this one.


only 2 week in. took water, sand, and media from my other tank and set this one up quickly. about a week ago i started to add most the corals and fish... everything looking happy so far!

Water Par:

temp- 79.1
salinity- .25
ammonia- 0
ph- 8.4
nitrite- 0
nitrate- 0 -.05
phosphate .2-.5
calcium- 450

Live Stock:

30lbs caribsea super natural live black sand
42lbs of Tonda, Fugi, and Kupang Rock.

2 mated false clowns
royal gramma
yellow brutala goby
mandarin ( ps i know the whole story on mandarins but dont worry about this one. i know this tank is only been set up for a week but this mandarin i have had for 4 YEARS now and has been eating frozen food for 3 years now. he is out of every fish my hardiest fish i have and my true champ and buddy.

rose bubble tip anemone (that split from my other one i have)
condy anemone (that i've had for 3 years)
blue mushrooms
red mushrooms
blue,red,green,yellow zoas. (dont know the special names because i dont think there anything special lol)
green/brown poylps ( there in a big circle that ive always loved even though there not that pretty)
silver xenia
waving hands
blue anthellia
green star's
orange balanphyillia
orange acropora
superman monti
and something else that i dont know what kind it is yet. in the pic its the green stony branch in the led pics. just got it today from ocean gallery.


so, finally, here are a few pics i just took of it with my HTC incredible phone early in the morning so nothing is really open yet, i will post pics and a short video soon once everything opens. KEEP IN MIND this tank was only set up a week ago so nothing is really finished or final in it. i took water for my other tank, and filled this tank with it, let it run for a week to make sure nothing spiked, then adding some coral and fish. everything is doing GREAT!


sorry for nothing really open and looks kinda crudy so far, like i said this was around 9 in the morning so no one was really open... also im going to get my buddies 12mp camera camera to take some pics! like i said these were all off a phone...



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That LPS in the middle bottom looks recently dead. That acro on the top left is browned out probably because it sounds like you're using Power Compacts, definitely not strong enough for acro's, maybe just enough for monti's, and that mandarin is probably slowly starving.

Other then that, nice tank and good luck!


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The lps died about a month ago. Its there to hold support on the center of the rocks. I ran out of lr. The acro was just given to me a week ago from a friend. It was fading color in his tank but grew a lot so I took it and try to help it out a bit. The monti I have had for 6 months under power compacts and is growing faster then anything. But both sps are in there temporary until my new 46g is complete. It will have mh on that. And the mandarin won't die. Trust me. If you read the top i said I have had it for 4 years and eats everything I could buy for him. I love him lol


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Things will look much better once your new tank is up with MH. And congrats on getting your mandarin to eat prepared food. Its very tough to do. I was able to do it once by letting him steal food from my Sun Coral


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yeah im excited for the new tank i got in the process of setting up...but im taking my time for now. finally got my sump today for it and build it. its going to be sps. sooo for the mean time they have to be in there for now. there doing good. only had the acro for a few days now and i see a distinctive difference in brighter happier color. and my mandarin will take pods, mysis, brine, chopped krill, plankton, even chopped seaweed bits. like i said i love him lol.


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this weekend!
i been buying stuff for it since march. got the tank and stand from TIM on here. the 46 bow, stainless steel stand with glass cabnit. just got the stainless steel canopy. Nac 7 skimmer came last week. got my sand, salt, heater, media, power heads, filter sock assembly, mag drive 5... everything ready. light will be here tomorrow! 1 250watt metal halide with phenoix 14k bulb, a fugi purple, ati blue plus, coralife 460 actinic, and ati super blue. cant wait to see how it looks! and now that my sump came i made it today and i am making ro water tomorrow. i cant wait! here is the sump so far

and i appreciate the zoas man. i love them. thanks alot!


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been a long time since i posted anything on here so i took a few new pics

awhile back i redid everything in this tank. new rock, fish, corals, sand, everything.

i ended up switching to fuji pink sand.
still have my clown & mandarin
3-4 months ago i added:
baby hippo tang
constructor goby (needs to go already, had it for 2 months and its huge already)
undulated algae blenny
rainfordii goby
exquisite wrasse
and a stupid damsel that i hate, only put it in there because my friends tank crashed and i did not have the heart to let him just flush & kill it.

corals added:
green open brain
devils hand
assorted zoo rock
purple branch palys
torch head
2 neon green candy cane frag
green trumpet frag
2- 2 headed red/green blasto frags
2 head duncan frag
2-3 random zoo frags
2- 2/3 head acan frags
hammer frag
unknown stony frag
unknown uphyilla frag
(most frags were from MA)

i cut the filter flip up and put on a coraline protein skimmer 65
upgraded the pump to a maxi-jet 1200
light: i am in the process of switching my actinic PC to a t-5, not completed yet
i did add 3 strips of current USA blue lumans LED strips which look amazing

also put 2 evo mini's in it to add some more flow.

here are a few pics of the tank.
Not the greatest pictures. just using my camera phone... dont judge me lol

here are a few pics of the LEDS...

here are a few pics of me just messing around with a UV flashlight...



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WHy dont you get reefbrite 12" blues ? It has BETTER PAR than your led. it report twice par than T-5.

I have reefbrite 12" 6 leds, wow it pops color all overs!

Its pricy but WORTH IT!

I have PC-R 2x dual actinic and 1x white actinic. (upgraded to 3.36w by nanocustom)

I have been eyes on Aqua Nano LED...I dont think its release yet but i might just get 12" Aqua Sol LED.