Is this a good way to take out fish???


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Yeah I was wondering if you guys knew about it...that's why I'm sounds more of like a temporary sleep if that's what you wanna think of it.....only 2 peole told me they do this, and the fish just wake up after you turn on the flow.


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"knocking out" It sounds like they are talking of cyanide use. Yeah go ahead and "knock out" that fish. Just kiding!!!!!!!!!!
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Sounds like a horrible idea but I will share my own experience back in the summer that caused the same thing. One time my Ca reactor malfunctioned and lowered my pH to I think 7.7 and I guess it happened over a couple of hours that everything was ok except for my anemones. So once I saw that I freaked out and I wasn't thinking. I had been using washing soda to bring up my pH so I stirred up a big batch and I thought I should poor it in slowly so I didn't create a shock. Unfortunately the non-thinking part of me thought that ehh wth might as well just get it over with. So I poured the whole thing in and bam, all my little fish dropped which included just my clowns and chromis. It was freaky they all looked like they were on their way out, layed out on the floor but still breathing. My large fish were stunned, they all turned dark and barely swimmed around, they were just hiding under the caves I had made. At the end of it all everyone adjusted to the pH and got right back up and swan like nothing happened. Amazingly enough I didn't even lose any corals but I definitely will not be doing that EVER again cuz I almost died along with the fish lol

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