Red Blastos eating..


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Garden city
Those r nice blastos how many polyps u start with ?
I have the purple green ones started with 2 polyps ninths ago proably have 8 now but not big like urs but I don't feed them


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Matt ..I got two heads from John(Bigsink) about a year and half ago.
thirty5...they normally just eat whatever is floating by mysis, brine etc...nothing that large before...


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Some polyps can open their mouths pretty wide. One of the first ricordea I ever kept managed to snag a green chromis that had died and had the body in it's mouth about halfway up to the tail by the time I found it. They don't normally digest the entire thing when they capture larger items and will consume what they want then dislodge the rest. I would stick to the smaller foods since you don't want to have large pieces of partially digested silver sides in the tank.

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