WOW!!! Really Don't Miss Out on this Selection!!!

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WOW!! Really, Don't miss out on this Selection!!!

New Arrivals this weekend

Baby Blue (Hippo) Tangs, lots of Exotic
Saltwater Angelfish + Odd Ball Wrasses

Raceways are bursting with NEW Corals

Also NEW this weekend tons of
Green Bubble Anemones + Fromia Starfish


All Tangs 20%OFF

All SPS/LPS Frags 20% OFF

All Green Bubble Anemones 20%OFF

All Sand & Substrate 15%OFF

Sale Starts Friday 3/22 thru Monday 3/25

Manhattan Reef Members get a 10% Discount on ALL Livestock and on select dry goods

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Manhattan Aquariums Gift Cards are available
for purchase in-store and online

Livestock Delivery is Available
Mon-Fri $15-$35 NYC

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Hot new items from
Dalua Australia, the Great White Skimmers are of the highest quality, quietness, and has the best warranty in the industry.
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Pax Bellum
Arid N-Series Reactors

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