For Sale Check it Out!!! Softy Corals & Tangs + Marco Rocks on Sale!!!!

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Manhattan Aquariums

Lots to see this Weekend, Check it out!!!
Just in Helmet Extreme Picasso Clownfish, Beautiful Black Tangs,
Gem Tangs. Unique Corals Strawberry Shortcake Acros
XXL Heliofungia Long Tentacle Plate Coral + True Rainbow Hammer Corals + Much More...

Weekend Sales
All Premium Clownfish 25%OFF
All Tangs 20%OFF
All Softy Corals Colonies and Frags 25%OFF
All Blue Maxima Clams 20%OFF
All Freshwater Plants 20%OFF
All Marco Rocks 15%OFF

Sale Starts Friday 11/08 thru Monday 11/11



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