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  • hello, I am interested in buying a XL elegance. please let me know when you have one . cell# 6466623668
    Hello, I'm interested in buying the "firemouth" or if you have any new scoly instead. I don't have paypal but I do live in the area, is paypal the only way to go? I'd like to purchase, let me know, thanks! - Luis
    Whats up Jeff, Bro just wanted to stop by and thank you for the awesome frags! ( Anyone whos reading this let me tell you that jeff and his boy are f**king awesome two laid back dudes that know what the hell they're doing, they have awesome frags and even better prices) please check these guys out, I can bet they'll be your best friends after checking their place out and talking to them. Will be back very soon -Angel
    Hey Jeff, just wanted to thank you for the wonderful frags that I bought from you. You are a great person to deal with, quality stock, and I hope to buy from you again!
    Hi Jeff

    This is Jeremy, the guy you met at the fragswap a few weeks back. You mentioned to me you know someone who build aquariums. What is his information? Does this person also do sumps and how long has this person been doing this. I think it is important to have the highest quality grade aquariums so I am just making sure you can vouche for this guy :eek:)

    Also, do you just sell frags or do you have show quality corals you can sell? Let me know more about your side-business


    Hay was dude thank s for the this link
    Hey Jeff just wanted to send u a shout out for taking care of me today....
    Anyone wanting to buy from Chaddram will not be disappointed....goes outta his way to treat his customers with respect and generousity .....
    thank you Jeff!! I keep calling you Chraddam! hhehee..
    glad you love the Calendar!

    its hard to ship during extremely cold period but we try. !! Thank you.
    whenever you guys are ready!! next GB we give free frag to each buyer!! oh wow.
    Water Dragons are doing great, other classes have actually had mini trips to her room to check them out time I am in queens I'll give you a heads up and I'll shoot over your way.
    they shipped out the HQI tank to me (supposed to get it tuesday). I will keep my PC lights and send the broken tank back with the HQI hood. :) At least I will finally have a tank!
    So I got an email stating they shipped something but the tracking number isn;'t valid yet. I am hoping its the new HQI one and I get to keep it. I somehow doubt it, i think they are going to send me the HQI and I will return the HQI lights witht he broken tank and keep my CF hood. Either way, I should be ready for the swap
    Jeff, just got your message. The little brittle stars are fine. They won't hurt anything. Glad you were able to share.
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