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  • Hi Keith,

    Are you still selling frags? I saw a picture of your display tank and it looked like all your corals were gone. I am looking to set up a zeovit system in the near future. Im going to light it using the maxspect razor led (I'm still on the fence based on what I've read as to whether leds work for sps long term but its a worth while experiment and an easy enough fix if it doesnt cut it) and I would really like to stock the tank using frags from your system since it is the finest collection of sps I have ever seen.

    Please let me know if you are still selling frags. Hope all is well.

    I am looking for some sps frags. Do you have any available and are you willing to ship?


    I can hook you up with some stuff for sure, including some donations. LMK.

    hey whats going on your tank is amazing my jaw droped i was wondering if u could help me restock my tank with some color i dont have alot of money but do have a nice tank im going to college know for marine bio if u could help with some frags pieces whater that would be great speak to you later
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