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  • Good evening, are these fish still available: purple tang, shoal tang and the regal angel?$
    past by very nice visit friendly service and love the gift for my kids its nice that and old friend put back the first fish back in my tank after few years of no reefing thanks bro bro
    Where do I start with my review... first off Salgado aquatics is probably the most family friendly lfs I?ve ever been to he had no issue entertaining and allowing my son to feed the fish. Now for the goodies he has quite the eye for HIGH END fish who are reef safe who will become instant gems in your reef for AMAZING PRICES. For my first time there I felt like I was at home he let me pull up a seat and really watch and observe my picks for hours and he didn?t just let me sit there in silence he is very interactive and will help you pick the proper fish for your tank I can comfortably say he won?t try and sell you a fish he doesn?t feel would be comfortable in your tank environment I really recommend you take a visit there or give them a call I?m sure you?ll walk away a happy camper
    Salgado Aquatics is a small store with a lot of potential and very friendly people, thanks for all your help.
    I just visited Salgado Aquatics and I'm impressed with their prices and the cleanliness of the place. keep it up with that exceptional costumer service.
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