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  • Selkoner , thanks for everything it was a pleasure, prompt delivery,and generous portions.
    I can't wait till the next time that you have somthing else to share.
    thanks for the prompt delivery and generous portions. It was a pleasure,.definitely look forward for you to post more items
    HEY im jp my friend told me about you having some live rock for sale.. im new to this hobby and im in need of some live rock.. can you help?
    Interested in the Rbta, what is the best you can do on price? Any chance you can deliver to NYC?
    Hi Selkoner. im have tried to leave positive feedback on your page but i dont know how to can you tell me what to do? Thanks
    Sorry I did not answer you earlier because I hardly read the visitor msg board. I used SMS: 347 878 3092. I do have more picasso. I will post some pics on my forum for a sale and you can check them out
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