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  1. Free live Rock Rockland Co.

    30 lbs of live rock just broke down tank come and get it now. Pm me for address.
  2. Clowns have eggs

    Is it possible for me to save the babies befor they are eaten? At what point do I collect the egg sacks?Thanks
  3. Base Rock for Sale

    I have two bins of base rock. Mixed branch and base. The red bin was weighed and comes in at 130 lbs. $100 for each bin. Pick up is in Rockland County 30 min outside O'd city. Thanks.
  4. Base Rock For Sale

    Two bins of base rock. $100 for smaller bin $150 for larger of two. Both for $200 Pick up in Rockland County or can meet up in Bronx. Thanks
  5. Artica1/4 hp Chiller for Sale

    For sale 1/4 hp Artica chiller. In perfect working condition. $250
  6. WTB Stand and Canopy for 125-150 Gal

    As stated lmk what you have. Thanks Tim
  7. Wtb rbta

    As the title states looking for a RBTA. LMK what u have how much and where you are located. thanks
  8. WTB Fish

    LMK what u have and how much. Have a client w a 155 and he want`s fish from an established tank.Thanks Tim
  9. 58 gal Complete Setup $500

    This has to be picked up this week it is running as we speak. I am posting this for my bro. who lives in Yonkers so the pickup is there. It is a reefready oceanic with stand,hood(power compact`s built in) sump with a bullet skimmer, phosban reactor and a pacific coast 1 /10th chiller. Some...
  10. FS Green Bubble Tip $30 Ea.

    I have 5 GBTA clone`s for sale. They are all 4-6 in across. As you know the clone`s are more acustomed to aquarium life then wild caught and by purchasing these u are not impacting the enviornment. I have two on a piece of rock that are $50. The single one`s are $30 each, two are attached to...
  11. Going to St Kitts any recomandations????

    As the title states any recomendations where to go and where to eat? Staying at the Marriot.Thank`s.....
  12. Wanted Chiller 4 75 Gallon

    As the title states looking for a chiller 4 a 75 Gal. LMK what you have and how much. Thanks.....
  13. Lr $ $2 pound

    Selling 150 LBS of LR nice shapes has some green algae nothing a little scrubbing couldn`t take care of. LMK, would like to sell all at once.Pick up in Riverdale,Bronx.....
  14. WTB Skimmer

    I need a skimmer for a 90 gal. LMK what you have aaand how much. Thanks....
  15. 24" tessalata eel 4 sale

    I have to get rid of this eel it is healthy and eating silversides out of my hand.It came from a client`s tank that was off for three day`s and was the sole survivor. They do not want it any more. It will nee a big tank w/ LR to hide in. Asking $100 Here are some pics: