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  1. NY NJ Aquatic Experience Large Trade show open to the public

    This show is the BEST! Lots of fun, and more than the same old aquarium show.
  2. Aquatic Experience OCt 19-21

    There is a raffle on each day of the show (Fri, Sat, and Sun). Additionally, all raffle proceeds get distributed to the Coral Restoration Foundation, Pets in the Classroom, and the Marine Ornamental Defense Fund - which puts the money directly back into supporting the aquatic hobby!
  3. Aquatic experience

    The show floorplan is virtually full! This includes a few additional coral vendors that have signed up at the last minute!!!
  4. Aquatic Experience OCt 19-21

    More coral vendors have been added to the show! It looks to be a great event!
  5. Aquatic experience

    Less than a month away!!!
  6. What's really going on in Hawaii.

    Dr. Carlson had a great talk at MACNA. MACNA gave a lot of effort to educating the attendees about the current livestock situation that is currently affecting the marine hobby. In addition to Hawaii, Fiji and Indonesia have cut off their export of live corals (including aquacultured/maricultured...
  7. aquarium donations for nyc public schools

    Does anybody know about the Pets in the Classroom program? They provide small grants to teachers with aquariums inside of their classrooms. This doesn't pay for much ($150 the first year and $75 thereafter), but it could be an additional way to help teachers (K-8) keep the tanks long term...
  8. xenia almost kill

    I think that the article is inaccurate. I don't believe that Xenia contains Palytoxin. This is generally attributed to Palythoa, like "brown button corals." Still, this topic comes up fairly common - especially when people boil their live rock in order to kill anything on it! I have known...
  9. Auto dosing schedule?

    I try to do mine while the lights are off, in order to offset the pH drop that I get at night. I dose some of my 2-part at like 1am, 3am, 5am, 7am, and then sporadically throughout the day. It obviously depends on how much you are dosing at each time - which depends on livestock load, growth...
  10. Aquatic experience

    It's a great event for the entire family! For the serious fish person, there is a Fish Health Seminar on Friday that is led by 3 aquatic veterinarians, a legit planted aquascaping competition, and loads of vendors. For the kids, there is a Kid's Aquarium Competition, chances to learn to...