I love Santa


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Well I hope everyone had a great Christmas with there families. Hope Santa was good to everyone..... I wonder how Santa new My two Loves are Reefing and Music.....:splitspin

Any Audio Nuts out there......:splitspin I want to know how Santa got these down the chimney....lol

My corals will thank him for these as well....

Once again enjoy Christmas and although the presents are a wonderful part of it apreciate your health and the time you spend with loved ones.....

Merry Christmas,


Now lets see those new toys...............:splitspin


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YEA RIght Thane!!!
its real easy for you to say ,, The gifts arent the important part,, HUHhhhh, I would enjoy my health and family a lot more if i had those new toys also!!
Spoiled Brat,,
Any ways
Merry Christmas!!!!


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Merry Xmas, Thane! I can't imagine what those speakers cost... I'm going to take a stab at it and say it's around the ballpark of a new Porsche Cayenne S?

And who are we kidding? Those speaker cables probably cost more than the Vortechs ;)

Happy holidays to you and your family!


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wow nice gifts ! santa is very smart he got me elos 120xl for X-Mas dont ask me how he got it in i dont have a chimney :)


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These are not for Movies!!
What are you running those off? Amp wise. Tubes?
lol...chef indeed they are not...I am running an amp I have had for a while that i love. It is an Atmosphere tube amp that is transformerless. CHef you would like these puppies...:splitspin

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