We have quietly been hard at work - Some exciting news to come!

Reef Trends

Manhattan Reefs
I know we haven't been as active on here as normal bust rest assured there are BIG things going on at the Reef Trends studio. With over 1250 gallons, high tech water production facility, complete automation and monitoring, insane advances in equipment, lighting and methodology at work and some of the best contacts and relationship in the industry we are almost there! We have been very busy with some awesome installs and currently working on a 800g display build for a client with all the bells and whistles one could dream of. However we have not lost our passion and commitment to this hobby we all love so much. We don't want to rush progress but rest assured we have spared nothing in our build out and hope to show this soon. We will be bringing you the best, most healthy and intriguing fish and corals possible very soon. Don't forget we stock or can get any and all equipment including tanks and offer installaton & maintenance to bring your reef to life! So please don't be shy to reach out and inquire about any of our services. Lastly just want to say we appreciate and love all of our current customers and friends in the hobby and look forward to meeting or helping as many as possible. This is a passion for us and while we hope to pay the bills we realize this is a hobby, a love and distraction during these trying times for all and we are ALWAYS here to help! So even if you don't purchase from us don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or requests you might have. Hope you all are doing well and look forward to bringing you more exciting updates in the very near future.