nobodyyyy posts on this thread. who does s.i have for reefers! REPRESENT!


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I don't have the lighting necessary for SPS (from what I read). I have a cheap (Chinese) 18" 15w led coming in that's 50/50 10k and 460nm blue. The tank is shallow (8" top to sand bed) so this *should* be sufficient for Zoas and LPS considering it's a small tank and I'm looking for very slow growth. Also don't want to break the bank on proper lighting until I know how I'm moving forward and get some experience.
I have a frag of armor of God zoas for ya pm me


Babe it was on sale!
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live rock

Anybody have live or dry rock laying around? Im starting a little 10 gallon. Nothing crazy, it don't even need to fill it. Just a piece or two u dont want anymore