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My buddy has been frequenting the Reef Shoppe, I haven't been there but the pictures he sends me of what he gets there are amazing the sps and fish are beautiful he has purchased and very reasonably priced.


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I wouldn't buy from aquatic obsession anymore. I went there to buy stuff $1400 in equipment and they didn't even help me load it in my car. Couldn't even be bothered to hold the door open for me to get the stuff out. Store was nice but I was totally turned off after that experience. Not to mention they sold me a sump and return pump and guess what? Return pump doesn't fit in the sump. It is definitely a nice store and they have healthy stuff but when I'm dropping over $1000 in one shot id at least expect someone to hold the door for me on the way out. Looks like I'll be adding a water system to my setup

Also had a bad experience sometimes it isn't about how nice the store looks if people
Are snobby


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New tank 36x24x17

New tank 36x24x17


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Hey all, I finally got around to cutting one of my chalices that was overgrown. As it grows out it is orange, pink and lime green, the frags are mostly orange. If anyone is interested in a free frag let me know I have 4 to give away. I should be home most of the day today.


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