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Sup Guys,

Finally, I got myself to start a thread on my experience as beginner in this hobby. I have always wanted to get into saltwater fish but was intimidated by all the work and care that was required.

I decided to start out with a nano cube thinking it would be easier and less cost affective. It has been three months now since my tank was started and I already wish I had something bigger :). My tank is doing well now other then a few issues that I have yet to resolve such as some brown algae problems and Micro Bubbles coming from my skimmer.

Since this tank has consumed all of my time, my girlfriend now regrets getting me this tank as a birthday present. :)

Thanks to 9kin and Zuska who have been a great help with getting my first tank started.


JBJ 28G Intermediate LED - I modded the hood and added three blue LED strips to get a little more actinic color.
Vortech Mp10
Aquamaxx Hob-1
InTank Media Basket - Filter Floss, Purigen, Chemi-Pure

Live Stock:
Two Ocellaris Clown Fish
1inch Hippo Blue Tang
Yellow Watchman Goby
Tiger Pistol Shrimp

Candy Cane
Frog Spawn

Dont remember the rest of the names.

I am not allowed to post pics yet until I get my post count up.

Thanks for looking.
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Very nice,
I love my 28 JBJ. But you are right when you will upgrade. My 28 is now in my daughter's room and my 75g rimless is right behind me in my family room


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looking good! how did u wire/hook up those extra leds. looks real good.i wouldnt mind adding a strip to my hood
Thanks. You would be surprised as to how cheap LED lights sell on eBay.
After doing some research I bought 12 inch LED 5050 strip which are the brightest on the market when it comes to strips. Each strip cost me around $4-$6 dollars and a 2amp 12v power supply $12. The power supply came with an adapter +\- inputs for when you splice the led wires. Its not that hard.