ZUSKA's 60 RimLess Cube


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Brooklyn, NY
Some chalice for the chalice lovers! Can anyone tell me what the first one is? Very nice coloration.
First one meaning the one in the front left?

Oh, yeah those are some very nice chalices!!

To identify, do you have a pic with less blue.. can't tell from that pic with the heavy blue interfering with the coloring of it...


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How many clowns ou have in there? Is tat breeder box just for the anenome?
I have 3 clowns in there and that breeder box i had 2 dalmations in there for 3 months and just recently released them into the tank. still have the bta in there just incase they want to swim back in at night to host it, i dont want the bta to wonder around the tank and killing everything...

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