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And so I did what I wanted to do for a long time- build a complete custom tank on a tight budget:) I really like building my own systems so that was fun. In addition to that, this is the first time I actually found some time to do a tank thread and share what I built. First of all, I would like to help everybody who helped me with this project:

-my other half Kamila for letting me have that real estate in living room, for constantly supporting my crazy hobby, photography and for aquascaping- I'm telling you, let woman organize your rocks and you will be amazed how much better she is in LR design; my aquascaping is entirely her idea, I just helped her mounting LR together
-Marek (reefoman) from Reefomania for his knowledge in building custom tanks and for designing my stand for me; his cabinetry work is amazing, I only wish I'd let him spraypaint it for me (the tight budget dilemma:))
-Richie (rkaragozler) for getting the glass, putting the tank and sump together and for tons of information he shared with me during the build process
-Nottick for welding me two light brackets for my DIY light
-Marcin, a friend from my workplace who helped me build a Corian enclosure for the light (and my boss for letting me use scraps:))
-James for... well, we didn't do much cause we drink every time we get together, but that's cool too:)
if I forgot somebody, yell at me and I will straight it up.

The tank's info:

-100g custom build tank, 48x24x20H? with three sides low iron glass and center glass overflow
-custom made, modern design cabinet grade stand that matches the tank
-DIY glass sump that matches inside stand dimensions


DIY LED light I built myself, featuring three color channels controlable by Apex controller. The outside shell is made out of white Corian and it hangs on custom made aluminum brackets. I have cool white, neutral white, blue, green, cyan and near UV diodes in it


Eheim 1260 return pump
2x Tunze 6105 pumps controlled by Apex- I have six different profiles that create random flow throughout the day
-Bubble King Mini 160 skimmer
-Eheim Jager heater
-Tunze Osmolator ATO
-two media reactors fed by return pump using a manifold and gate valves
-Bubble Magus dosing system


Halichoeres wrasse (can't find the full latin name )
Yellow coris wrasse (Halichoeres chrysus)
Pygmy Atlantic Angelfish (Centropyge argi)
Ocellaris clownfish pair (laying eggs)
Neon goby (Elacatinus oceanops) (in the overflow, I don't know how he ended up there)
Kole Tang (Ctenochaetus strigosus)
Algae blenny (Salarias fasciatus)
Midas Blenny (Ecsenius midas)
Flame Hawkfish Neocirrhites armatus

I would like to have a pair of Watanabei angelfish and maybe one more wrasse, we'll see (I always push it when it comes to fish:))

Here are a couple of pics from the build. I will also write a series of articles about this build, so check for this series.

Building the tank with Resat

Building the stand

The sump

Manifold to feed the reactors

LED light build


Light bracket with power for LEDs

Loc-line return

And the final look

Hanging some pictures above my setup

I will try to post some pictures of my livestock and rockwork later when the lights turn on


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Bay Ridge, BK
Looking sweet, for the record we don't drink together every time... oh wait, never mind.

I really like the hanging pictures.
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Thanks man. Here's what I was upgrading from:

And here are first tank photos:

As you see I lost most of my colonies, unfortunately. I am looking to rebuild them with some favorite sps like hydnophora, birds of paradise, various stylos and pocilliporas, so if anyone can hook me up I would appreciate it.


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My current fish. I wanted to take a picture of my new wrasse, but he dove into the sand before I could grab the camera. I guess he needs to adjust to my light schedule.

Midas Blenny (makumba)

Algae blenny (Beniek)

Wrasse (Helio)

Kole tang (Tangarina) and Hawkfish (Rebel)

Goby (Gobik)

Cherub angel (Angela)

Male clownfish (Parribo)

Female (Parriba)