Marek's 225 gal DSA upgrade


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Haha , just spoke with Duro yesterday :)
Tank is doing good , had some ups and downs after transfer , but everything stabilized and I'm on the right track - I think :)
Collecting some sps frags here and there , I will try to post some pics when I get a chance :)

Im really happy to hear this! I don't know what the problem was, but for someone with such nice stuff, I hated to see this tank not flourishing!! I can't wait to see everything looking top notch again in there. Beautiful tank, buddy!


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Any updates?

Yeah it?s been a while since last post :)
Tank it?s going to be 3 years old soon and after first year battle with all kinds of algae - overall it?s doing good:)

Im mostly sps , have few left over lps from previous tank that I kept , but anything new that goes in the tank is a ?stick ? lol

Switched from metal halides to ATI t5 with led fixture about year ago.

Attached algea scrubber 6 months ago

Recently I added algae reactor for cheato

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