MikeC?s Custom Reefoman 140G Rimless Peninsula Build


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That ATI fixture grows SPS extremely well. It is essentially a T5 fixture, LED are supplemental. Mike, you will have faster growth than you have ever seen. Just don't stay too clean or you'll have a tank full of easter egg colors under that light :D
Ya I learned my lesson with that one already.
I have to thank Duke for filling me in on that one.
After my flat worm incident I set up a 30 gal for my new sps and played with the 120 for a few months and learned there is a fine balance between clean and to clean.
I now feed 5 or 6 times a day my own blender mush and if I don't get that film on the glass in a week I know I'm not feeding enough ;)
The BB and the settling tank helps me to know were my phosphates are at also ;)
I also like the Special Blend ML ;)


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Mike you just killed it buddy .....love it man you really thought this out well and did your thing man love it .........and your pic taking is incredible man lol ,...... ...

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