First Time 34G Solana


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Switching of the stands

Last night I was finally able to get around to switching the stands out. Let me just say I would never have been able to do this without a disaster happening if it wasn't for Noelskii helping out. I was definitely nervous after dumping all the water back into the tank and seeing the slime from the corals and some of them getting misplaced. Let's just say they weren't happy. I have to thank John again for the awesome deal on this stand its way more sturdy than the Solana stand. I'm getting rid of the stand btw...would love to trade for some corals but I'm getting rid of it either way so if you want it its up for grabs.

Here's some pics I just took of the finished product, my next upgrade is going to be a kessil 360 in a few weeks, I'm just not feeling how this light looks with my set up.



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Long Island NY
Looks really nice. It's never easy switching stands with a thriving tank. Always a mess. Stay up on your maintenance. Those all in ones can get out of control easily especially with your move which will stir stuff up out of the sand bed. Keep up the water changes and I would suggest you get a skimmer of some sort to help with waste removal. Best of luck. J


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So a couple days after I switched the stand i noticed that I hadn't seen the gramma in a while. I didn't know what happened. Couldn't find the body floating or anything. I eventually found him at the bottom of the stand i didn't even noticed when he jumped out.

So I ended getting a new fish in to replace it a purple firefish.
You can also see the black neon dottyback


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I've been reading your thread...nice looking tank. I have a Solana myself for almost 8 it. A few things just as a fellow reefer.

1. Be careful which fish you buy - some are VERY territorial and aggressive
2. JUMPERS...I lost several - even with a lid. I use LED's so, I have a glass top...which has stopped all my kamikaze jumpers. But, even eggshell top would help...
3. Don't over stock...once those corals get out!!
4. If you want a great collection for tree corals, LMK...i've got a ton to give out.


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