80 Gallon Rimless Build

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The T5s lasted about a month and I wound up adding a third Radion Pro and sticking w all LEDs, although I'd love to add one or two T5s to the current setup, to clean up the last of the shaddowing. There's only one pic I've found of supplemented T5s w Radions that weren't in acanopy, that looked okay IMO. The 3 Radion Pros on individual RMS mounts are working for now, but in the future (as soon as I move into a new, bigger place), when I get my upgraded tank, I will be planning a combo of Radions and T5 supplementation.

As far as the MiniMaxi Carpet Nems go, they're still securely affixed to the same rock that came in on and all efforts to SAFELY and gently remove them, was unsuccessful. If and when I am able to isolate any of them, I will gladly let everyone know. I was just too afraid to injure them when forcefully removing them.
I heard a cold spoon that was sitting in ice will work like magic.

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