Bogie's 300 DD Reef


Manhattan Reefs
Rating - 100%
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Bethel CT
Upgraded from a 120gal to marineland 300 dd. The tank has been running for about 6 months now.
Custom built stand and canopy. All work done by me.
Custom Built 120 gal sump in basement
Reflow barracuda pump.
Super reef Xp 5000 external skimmer
6 ai Vegas and 1 aquatic life t5 4 bulb fixture
Flow 2 mp40s. closed loop branched from main return T in tank. Might switch to sea swirl.
2 brs dosing pumps for alk and cal
Reef octopus bio pellet reactor
2 two little fishes GFO reactors
water changing station
Neptune apex
30 gallon qt tank
10 gal qt tank for copper treatment