Ricky's Reef (120 Gallon)


Acropora Nut
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Newtown, PA
The new tank is 48lx18wx10h and I'm trying to re-use my 2 kessil a80's. After seeing this, I was considering biting on the aquatic life 36" hybrid which is 4 x 39w t5ho's + the a80's mounted (primarily for supplement in this case).

Any chance you think that would be enough par?
Yes, with the tank being 10" tall that will be plenty of light.


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Thinking about the bulb combination, your ratio is 3:1 on blue plus to coral plus. Having a 4 bulb fixture, I am between 2 blue plus + 2 coral plus, or 3 blue plus + 1 coral plus. I'm leaning towards the latter but am worried about it being too washed out with blues. With the a80's I expect I can lighten it up a bit.

Do you have an answer towards a combination that would better match your setup?

Also, what are you using for actinic?
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