My 400 gallon tank build ...


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So after my last tank malfunction...i spoke with a few well respected reefers and had decided to give acrylic a try ...i was tired of worrying about silicone seams on larger tanks..i figured I would much rather have a scratch then a leak ..after doing some research and the fact that they have been building acrylic tanks for over 28 years ,i decide to go with LIVING Color Aquariums..the new tank measures 84?35?31. ,it's made from 1" thick acrylic ,has a synergy reef 20" overflow ..the stand was made from 80/20 extruded aluminum..i needed a stand that I could put together after I brought it down into my basement ....I have to say living color aquariums was great to deal with they answered every question I had ,returned every email and phone call right away,hands down one of the best companys I have ever dealt with .I received my tank and stand last thursday ..



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Oh Oh I think I see a scratch - j/k Looks nice GL w/build I'll be following along. At least with acrylic you can buff out the scratches if any develop.


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Yeah I'm little nervous but I think I'll be ok with the scratching I'm the only one who will clean it so I have no excuse
Just remember...NEVER leave the magnet on the tank after you're done ...EVERY visitor loves to 'help' you and will try the magnet, and that's where the first scratch will come from!
Get the acrylic sleeve from Champion Lighting that will greatly reduce the chances of sand scratching the tank.