Tank reached 38 years old...in 2009!


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That’s amazing to have a log book from so many years ago. I agree that there is just too much misguided information on the internet which takes away from the learning process.

Curious, what does your hippo tank eat? Not that I have one - I’ve only got a 10 gallon tank with a pair of clownfish that seem to be ready to spawn. I may give the worm food a shot.

Paul B

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Oh Nooooo. Dead fish!!!!!

My wife and I came back from Costco a little while ago and when I looked in my tank!!!!!!!!!

AAAAAhhhhhhhhh, I saw something yellow sticking out from under a rock....... My yellow tang......Dead!!!!

OMG, I never have a dead fish. What will I do....My reputation is shot and I will have to go and eat worms, maybe stick my head in the dolomite at the bottom of my tank...

Then as I reached for the net, I realized........I don't have a yellow tang.

I looked closer and noticed, it was a mangrove tree leaf. I am baby sitting 4 mangrove plants in my tank for someone and I guess a leaf fell off.

Oh Well, catastrophe averted. :p