Mid-Life Crisis Tank ;)


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West Islip

Good news! Nitrates are undetectable, so I guess the mini-cycle created by the transfer to the larger tank is over, nearly one month to the day. Maybe I'll get something for the tank this weekend. Going to test again.

Any recommendations?

Here is the very lightly stocked list of whats in there:

various snails
blue/red hermit crabs

2 toad stools
clove polyps
button polyps
kenya tree
monti frag
a few zoas

False percula clown
regal tang
copperband butterfly
orange diamond goby
blue face angel

cleaner shrimp
fire shrimp(?)

I'm obviously going to have to watch the blue face and keep him very fat, hopefully not on a coral diet ;( Since I wound up getting the halides, I would like to attempt a mixed reef with him in there. My initial plan was to stay with just softies. But since I have more light than I estimated at the start, I'd like to go for it! I would also like to add some anthias and maybe a powder blue some day.

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