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I figured I would stop being lazy and start a tank thread to show my tank as well as to track my progress. I set up my aquapod about 3 months ago after breaking down my 75g that I wasn't very happy with. I am very happy with my aquapod and find the smaller tank much easier to care for as well as much more affordable.

Right now I have aquapod 24 with the factory stand
-20 inch 150 watt sunpod MH unit with Phoenix 14k bulb
-MJ 1200 return pump
-Deltec MCE 600 skimmer
-Koralia 1 and Koralia nano for flow (might upgrade this)
- TLF Phosban Reactor running phosban and sometimes carbon

My livestock consists mostly of LPS, Mushrooms acans leathers zoos. I have about 30lb of liverock in the tank. Recently I have added a few different sps corals including acros, torts and a few others and will try to grow them out.
I have been dosing 5ml of b-ionic daily to keep my calc and alk at the correct levels, but my calc levels are low since adding sps so I will up the dosage.

I also have a PJ cardinal, yellow fin fairy wrasse, percula clown, and yellow watchman goby. For a cleaning crew all I have is 6 mexican turbos and 2 hermits.

Lasty I would like to thank Rich (Jackson6745), Steve (moidol) and the rest of you mr members I have dealt with and learned from for all the help and frags I have gotten since starting this hobby.

Enjoy the pics


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