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Crazy coral growths: Challenging and Inspiring Aquascapes

_DSC1017 Whenever I dive, I look for subjects to shoot that might offer aquarists some inspiration for their captive reefs; I hope that you are inspired by this collection of crazy-looking reef structures! My first is a ‘coral on coral’ concoction, where a piece of tabulate acropora fell from the reef crest, landed right-side-up, and became overgrown by what appears to be seriatopora.¬† There’s some¬†great shade and cover for the less light-dependent species and shelter for shy fish. MORE

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Lower Westchester has site for new Saltwater Store....
Today 07:12 PM
by b-ridge
8 107 General Discussion
ESV Release New products B-ionic Transition Trace Elements...
Today 06:47 PM
by lnevo
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Smart ato
Today 06:38 PM
by b-ridge
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Corals dying
Today 01:34 PM
by jkidd155
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Pair of Clowns
Today 12:52 PM
by ghenzler23
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Jack's Reefer 250
Yesterday 08:32 PM
by Jackooze
34 1,777 Tank Threads
Borrow laser for aiptasia?
Yesterday 07:19 PM
by lanacane214
3 112 General Discussion
lighting for a 150 cube
Yesterday 05:58 PM
by jkidd155
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ecotech rms mount system
Yesterday 05:53 PM
by jkidd155
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Is this a sponge?
Yesterday 05:24 PM
by arnaldolex
1 101 Identification
Upgrading from a 90 Gallon to 140 Gallon.
Yesterday 01:48 PM
by NDY
289 28,387 Tank Threads
radion g3 pro
Yesterday 12:26 PM
by jkidd155
5 98 General Discussion
Jumpstarting a reef tank after a long break - Reef Builders...
Yesterday 11:13 AM
by 92CornerReef
0 74 Husbandry
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Montipora capricornis (et al.)
by Geraud
Last post by Geraud
08-20-2016 12:37 PM
24 Replies, 1,408 Views
Fantasy football
by b-ridge
Last post by BAD FISH
Today 11:42 AM
6 Replies, 103 Views
We got hit by a squall in my boat.
by Paul B
Last post by Paul B
08-21-2016 11:12 AM
5 Replies, 305 Views
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