2014 New England Frag Farmer's Market Info/Invite


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Just got the official word that John from Affordable Aquatics is going to do a special for the Frag Farmer's Market. Order with the code below and get 10% off the order and your order can be picked up at the FFM for FREE SHIPPING as well! I know he has just gotten into frozen foods which he has offered to bring out as well.
Thanks to John for offering this to people who will be coming out!


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Manhattan Reefs
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Orange digita $10
ORA green slimer $20-25
ORA ponape birdnest $15
tricolor valida $20
Pink milli $25
Palmers milli $30
ORA bird of paradise $20
Carolina acro $30
Highlighter acro $30
Usefuls Blue acro $40
purple haze monti $20
ORA Joe the coral $25
Gold torch $30 single head
Red Dragon $30
JF jack o lantern lepto $75
Pokerstar monti $20
Unknown blue tipped acro $25-50
Purple monster 1/2" $60 -1" 120
green and purple favia $30
baby's breath favia $30
bigmouth orange acan $40
hollywood stunner $10
Thanks for looking


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Manhattan Reefs
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Am gearing up frag tank is Only half full and I already have just about 100 frags .... The renegade team will Def be in the building and if am bring a 100+ of my own frags
imagine the rest of the team there will be some fun there if not we will bring it


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Bring the fun, bring the pain. 100+ corals is great. Tell the mister dont forget my pack. Cant wait to meet and see everyone from manhattan reefs. Don't forget my application to be the next RENEGADE. Start my own set. Upstate renegades


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Thanks Albano!
Just show up with $1 and you are good to get in, no advance tickets needed. I have 54 people signed up sell corals and will post the "new and improved" list in a day or two. It looks to be even bigger and better than last year!
Let me know if you have any other questions!