2014 New England Frag Farmer's Market Info/Invite


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Storrs CT
Here is the most updated list for "vendors" at this year's FFM-
10sojs CT
AC Corals CT
Anthony NYC
Aquadreams MA
Aquatic X-celelnce NJ
AZNnutty's Saltwater Connections
Capcept/BfishLpond78/Franky Rivera CT
Chriskid CT
Colorful corals PA
CullyisGully NY
Dankacedium MD
Designer Corals CT
Dvetran CT
E.O. Smith Coral Project CT
Emessier CT
Exotic Fish and Corals CT
Exotic Reef Creations MD
Fins Aquarium NY
Frank180Reef MA
Gotham Aquatics NYC
Greg Hiller BRS
Hammer NH
Headie Corals CT
Health Pets CDMAS
ijamcorals MD
Jason Foxx MD
jgraz NJ
John Verga NY
knockOUT Aquatics LLC PA
Kwong1998 NYC
Love the Reef BRS
Mass Reef Care MA
Matt Spaulding VT
MetroKat's Sassy Frags NY
Pablo NYC
Pacific East Aquaculture MD
Phil Quindara CDMAS
R+R Aquatics NYC
Reef Creations NYC
Renegade Reefers NYC
Sassawrasse CT
Shayna 123 CT
Shector/Bubbabobobbrain CT
Smiz NY
Suicideissleep CT
The Coral Reef CT
Tinygiant (Chris) NH
Upstate Corals NY
UsefulIdiot CT
Vermont Aquatics VT
xclusive corals NY
Zooanthids.com UT
Zybergoby CDMAS


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Storrs CT
I just got another update on another sale that John from Affordable Aquatics will be running for the FFM. Here is the info he gave me:

We are going to offer a 20% discount on all frozen or live foods pre-ordered.

Use coupon code "FFMFrozen" at checkout for this offer.

I will be selling a large variety of frozen and live fish foods at the FFM. Due to freezer space limitations on site, we strongly suggest that you pre-order your food now so that you are guaranteed its availability at the show. In fact if you pre-order your food, your order will be packaged individually, on ice, in coolers or thermal bags to make it easy to take home.

We will have the best frozen products from:

Rod's food
Piscine Energetics
Pro Salt
Ocean Nutrition
San Francisco Bay Brand

We also have the entire line of Reef Nutrition fresh and live foods including LIVE Tigger Pods, Live Phyto, and Oyster Eggs etc.
Because of their fragile handling requirements, it is strongly suggested that you pre-order these items as well.

This offer is available only those attending the Frag Farmer's Market. Please order early to guarantee your order's availability.


renegade reefer
Manhattan Reefs
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The renegades will be in the building and we have a table along with more 50 other tables if ur into corals there is no way its not going be fun


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Storrs CT
I'll admit, I am somewhat biased in my opinion since I run the whole thing but here is what I can share about the event. I have 54 "vendors" signed up to sell corals. They range from high end big names Jason Foxx and Dr. Mac to the small scale hobbyist who you have never heard of. There will be 10 classrooms with wall to wall coral frags for you to chose from. Having been to a number of shows, including a few different MACNA's, it is the biggest swap I have seen in terms of coral frags available. I think that the prices that you will see from people tend to be lower just because it is a "low investment" swap with only one day and the set-up fee only $30. I can say that everyone that comes out once, comes back the next year. Plus- the Renegades will be there!

I am in the process of receiving items for the raffle and I have to say that I have some very cool and unique things that have come in to go along with some of the things we see each year. I am not quite ready to release that list yet but thought I would share the FFM gift certificate plans for this year. I will be doing a raffle for FFM GC every 1/2 hour starting at 11:30 going till 4pm (when we will pull all of the other raffle items). It will look like this:
11:30 - $25
12:00 - $25
12:30 - $25
1:00 - $50
1:30 - $25
2:00 - $50
2:30 - $25
3:00 - $50
3:30 - $25
4:00 - $100
I am also going to be giving away $10 GC to "random" people at the door after you pay your HUGE entrance fee of $1. Hopefully this answers the question about when to come... come for the whole day.


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Storrs CT
There was one guy who was talking about bringing some stuff, so you certainly have a shot at seeing some stuff there but there is not anyone who is specifically bringing CUC.