East Village
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I'm down for sure. Sorry...this is my first post. I lost 90% of the corals and most of the inverts in my 2 gallon pico to Sandy and although I have nothing really to swap I'm more than happy to pay for frags. With some aggressive water changes, carbon, and slowly bringing the temp back up I've managed to save a couple things and my parameters are returning to normal, within two weeks I think I'll be good to add some more livestock.



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Long Island
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I'm in ! Still running on a generator and a car battery but I'm keeping everyone alive. Lost only 2 SPS but I' ll take that compared to the losses some of our other members experienced . Learned my lesson with Hurricane Irene when I lost everything ! I now have a generator , backups for my Vortechs, a car battery and a Hurricane with an air stone ! Got to take care of my babies !

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