Frag Swap - Fall 2015 - November 8th - Pace


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west babylon
My first time was a blast! Thank you guys for being such a wonderful community :)

was able to win a $100 gift certificate to cherry corals (i never win at raffle, which was a surprise)


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Queens, NY
first time was a lot of fun! Good times meeting fellow reefers and talking it up with some of the Venders. Didnt win anything but def brought home quite a few things! THANKS MR


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Brooklyn, 11223
I enjoyed myself as well, purchased 3 frags and came home with 7 (with all the freebies given out) they really looked out for the jersey boy tonight....just wished I would've one something from the raffle....did take some coral dip n "$100.00" green fish net (j/k on the price)

Just finished glueing n plugging my frags

Thanks guys
Trio, shhhhhh it's a special fish net, the fish just jump right into it.
Glad you got some loot.


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long island
Hold on man, let me restate what I told you! I get to see the vendors setup at every event and despite the temptation I don't cherry pick anything. I wait until the show opens and go around and have the vendors put my requested items in the back. So you were basically just drooling over the super fat eagle eyes I bought from Dan Rigle and then the nice SPS from Kyle at Dr. Mac (note: there were more than one of the items I bought at each vendor).

So if you can't deal with the fact that I like the same corals you do, well, you can come over to my house and say it to my face!!!

More than likely I will give you some free frags of the said corals as that's what I am about.

So next time man, YOU stop stalking ME! :wink1:
Ah you know I'm just busting chops. Much respect for not cherry picking beforehand,I know I would lol. The door is always open at my home as well buddy thanks for the invite .


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My first one guys) despite all the complains from the veterans i think it was nice and sort of cozy. Great speakers, great vendor and raffle prizes.

Was nice to meet the community/organizers and pleasant helping you guys to set up everything. Hope to see you all next time. Good luck with reefing!