Mike's 120 reef ready build


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It's been a few months. How's the recovery phase coming along?
Recover is going good!
I took out my acros.
I have a test piece of sps on a mag float rack on the front glass and no signs of any pests in months.

I really took a back seat on this tank and decided to not stress so much over it.
Im feeding more not running GFO and doing water changes less and everything has responded well.

I was starving my tank and made it so nutrient poor i think that had a lot to do with my sps turning pale and the AEFW did not help.

I started a 30 gal rimless with sps that is doing great and are under MH ;)

Stay tuned more plans & changes soon to come :shhh: ;)

this is a quick pic I took yesterday.


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That's the way to do it Mike. I love my tank now, probably more than I have in the past, and I attribute that largely to the lowered stress levels. My tank is mostly softies and easier fish. There's just simply more time to enjoy it.


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Mike, I didn't know you had a set back. Just reading and seeing your recovering is coming along. Noticing 3 pest had to be something. I know you set up your 30 rimless. You should use that tank to QT your new coral. I started a 20 gal just to QT fish or SPS if I'm going to buy something new. I know you like MH lights. Are you going to get another rimless tank. I just went through velvet and lost 4 fish that I had for 3 years. SPS are doing good under Kessil.

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