Jackson's Custom 115G Cube Build


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Jackson's Custom 116G Cube Build

The new tank is officially in the works. I am having a custom cube 32x32x26 built by Mark from Reefomainia. It's going to be rimless, starfire on 3 sides, and one corner overflow. Marks work is impeccable so I know this part of the build will come out as expected ;)

The Stand is being built by a custom builder (Tony) in PA. A few guys have used him here. The plan is have it done in a rustic finish. Using DBarsotti's 105g Cube build as an inspiration, I am going for a similar look. I didn't want a very low cube stand due to door clearance so Kasei (pseudo) actually came up with a smart idea:idea:to build the stand with a booster. The stand will be built 28" high but it will bolt into an 8" booster. The seam will be hidden with molding so it should look normal and raise the stand to 36".

DBarsotti's stand

Lighting Sfiligoi XR6 400w Radium + 4xT5
Flow 2x MP40 + Eheim 1262 Return
Skimmer Skimz sk181 (Will be upgraded in near future)
Controller Reefkeeper lite (Upgraded shortly to Apex most likely)
Sump (going to order from custom king)

I currently have a 30 and 60 cube that will be dismantled and have contents transferred over to the new tank. I have 50lbs of very establish rock in the 30 that will be combined with some of the rock in the 60 for an open, hopefully cool looking aquascape :) Probably going to have a SSB with a mix of aragonite and crushed coral so it stays put in high flow.

Current 60 cube

30 gallon cube with new rock (just plopped in) , big table colony + misc SPS

Going to be a little while until I get everything in my possession. I'll update when I get things going.
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Are we starting these threads again without actually having the tank yet??? I cant wait to see these tanks on stands! What skimmer are you looking at this time Rich? The Skimz 163 DC is kicking serious butt. Thanks for the suggestion. ;)

Day one

Day 2



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Thanks guys.

Adam, the cap encrusted and has a growth rim. You can see it in the bottom center of the 60 gallon pic. Zoa's are doing ok too.

Scoots, good idea. I just might have that done.

Kasei, I have to se that in person. Your skimmer cups always look like mud :)

Rick, I am going to start the new tank with the 181. If I see nitrates creep up I know it's time for an upgrade :) We'll see. It would be nice to not spend more money.
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Rich, 3rd tank in a year or so? Your good....lol!!! But i think i'm right behind but i'll be doing the opposite, downgrade....kakaka!

Is the tank that reefoman mark posted on the sale thread the other day your new tank? Looks freaking awsome!


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i am in line for that 60 cube when u deicded to part out :biggrinpa
Ok I'll keep you posted:biggrinpa

Ming it will be nice to have room again. I am all nano reefed out! :)

Thanks Tony. At this point I am just looking forward to having a stable healthy reef with some room for fish to swim.

Thanks Eric

Sam the mistake that I made was adding a second smaller tank. I knew that I wanted to upgrade then and I should have. I thought additional water volume would fulfill the urge..... It didn't obviously :) This is a much larger than the tank that Mark had for sale. I saw that one in person and it is awesome!

Kris you live 15 minutes from me now. You maybe called in for more than just tagging along lol :)

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