ZUSKA's 65 gallon thread


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Ok time to get serious.
Don't BS us anymore, you were given the help you asked for numerous times and decided to do whatever you wanted to do and pretty much tell the community that tried to help you to F)*(& off.

You have been a deadbeat in purchases. If you want to get serious fine if not stop yanking our chains and do it, if you want to keep doing what you are doing, you can go somewhere else. You send PM's to people to threaten them for telling you the truth and for calling you out on your lies in an attempt to intimidate them.

Hell you can't even follow simple instructions, look on your pump or heater instructions for a diagram of what a drip loop really is.

Good luck with your tank and with the fish and corals you are going to kill.
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Zuzka...go to petland get a 10 gallon or 15 gallon tank.....which ever one fits ur skimmer and under ur tank....and that will be ur sump...attach som pvc piping to that hose to make it longer so it doesnt spill out and move the powerstrip up high so its away from water.....


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1. Why are you using crushed coral, and if you insist upon it, it doesn't need to be that deep.

2. Drip loop. Your power strip should be mounted above the floor of the stand, and the power cords should come down past the power strip, then make a small "loop" (better yet a "u-turn") so that it comes back up to the power strip. This way any water flowing down the power cord, cant make its way to the power strip.

3. I am not concerned as others about the overflow box, properly set up they can run for years without a problem. I used one for six years without a problem. Your milage may, and probably will, vary.

4. Go pick up a twenty gallon tank to use as a sump. The rubbermaid you are using looks like it will fail, if not leech nasties into your tank water.

5. To take care of the return pipe from your overflow, take a sufficient length of PVC with a diameter larger than your overflow pipe, and insert the over flow pipe in one end, and put the other end of the PVC in your sump so that it touches the bottom of the sump. This will prevent it from spraying water all over the place. To avoid back pressure, cut the end of the PVC pipe that is in the sump at a 45 degree angle.

6. If your overflow can't handle the water being fed to it by the pump, your tank will overflow all over the place. Either restrict the pump with a valve, get a smaller pump, or a bigger overflow.

7. Don't keep your artwork behind your tank, it will get ruined.


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thanks cali reef for the nice comment:) i bet we all started bad at first but i have been doing alot of reading and know what im doing now.
MOST of us did not start with DISASTERS, and all most all take people's advice when told they should do things certain way after seeking advice.

I seriously doubt you have done ANY reading. You should take some reading classes if you did read some of the books people here suggested, everything you have done does not seem to collaborate with what you are saying.
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I have a feeling zuska is going to be very well informed by the time this thread is closed.

Information for zuska, entertainment for me. Everyone wins!


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no everything is fit into place... its ganna be like this for like 2 more weeks untill i toss in the peppermint shrimp, hermits and snails


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Why do u have rocks resting on the side glass walls of the tank? Rocks + vibration + glass = bad my friend.

Really nice aquascape but very dangerous.

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