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OK, so my plans for the next year have changed a little. I'm no longer going to Italy for 10 weeks for the Olympics, so I don't need to postpone a new tank.

There are so many things to do, I think the first thing I going to look at is the tank itself and the supplier.

I am looking for the following:

Not too high, I think 24" is really a little too much
Good depth, nice room for acros and room to grow out horizontally
Starfire or equivalent glass
dual corner overflows installed
A form fitting stand would be nice too

Since everyone here seems to recommend, I decided to check out their website for some ideas. This tank seems to be pretty nice:

Thoughts? Suggestions?


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I personally don't like it Josh! Glasscages gives the dimensions as follows: 125g Wide - 72 x 24 x 17. Looking at the picture, the tank is only 17" high?!? Lighting the tank would be easier, but you need a high stand to see into it. The stand in the picture would put the top of tank at 41" :bigeyes2:. The length, however is great for having tang races.

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Deanos said:
Re-correction Kris, the 30" high stand is 96" long while the tank is only 72". The 72" stand is 24" high. :)
Ya got me on that one. I dont get a word of it but I'll take your word for it. Brains still of "Off mode"...heh. :rolleyes:


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thats the size i bought form glasscages. you can come check it out once its setup. if not there will be plenty of pics once its up and running.


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Josh, Glad to hear you don't have to postpone your tank, but Sorry to hear you're not going to italy.

I really like the 5'tanks. something like 60x24x20 is a 125 I think. you can put a 55 underneath as a sump/fuge, and still have a bit of room. Lighting becomes wierd with 5' though. but with only 20" tall, you can go with 250s without a problem. I actually have no problem on my 20" 20Tall with a 150. You could put three in there and be set!

And Just to let you know, I built my oak stand and canopy for about $100. Most of the cash went into the trim ($65 or so) because I wanted nice shapes. If I went with simpler trim, (or had a router table and bits) the cost would have been about $50. I also had enough scrap to build the waterbucket cover/seat. So I'm sure we (MR) could build you a stand and canopy for less than they'll charge, and you can cusomize it a lot easier. Plus, I've been itching to build something nice. . .



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well here's my take. I have a 60x24x20. I got that size because it was the biggest tank I thought I could carry up the four flights to my apartment.
I like the depth and the length, but not the height. I thought I would not need the height, but i was wrong. i makes a huge difference in aquascaping, and having room for coral to grow. After seeing Jim's 180 I knew that he had th e perfect reef tank size, there are bigger tanks sure, but the 180 has the perfect proportions.
if you have the 72" x 24" footprint you might as well go for the height, trust me on this, if you get a tank that low you will not be happy with it in the long run.

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I thought mine was a masterpiece from glasscages, but then again, this is my first custom built tank - someone with years and years of experience with custom tanks may know better. I think mine is exceptional, though.



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I second jhales comment about the depth, it makes a huge difference if you can just walk up to a tank and look straight in without having to duck down. My tank is a little too deep at 30 inches, things that fall to the bottom are difficult to retrieve, but only just. If it was just three inches shorter it would be perfect. Also proportionately a little more depth just seems to look right.
just my 2?

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