The 1000gal "SHARK TANK"


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Well some people ask why "Jarett Shark" for a user name

Well the story goes like this: I was a stupid young teenager looking to step it up a notch on my FOWLR tank. I first bought leopard sharks when the sold them as baies in LFS but with not that knowlege. Just LFS saying a 125gal could do good with any shark.LOL Then the leopard sharks out grew my 125 gal and I then I stepped it up to a 300gal. This is when I had 2 leopard sharks and 1 nurse shark and my EEL. When this tank was set up my brother ended up buying a 150gal tank for a new nurse shark that he bought. Time went buy and I lost the leopard sharks when I had to move. This realy hurt me because these sharks were the best. I still had the nurse shark. Well I asked my brother if he wanted to take my 300gal and my nurse shark because it would look better at his house and my new house had them in the basement were nobody saw them. After 4 years they out grew his tank and he planned to go "BIG" one last time. Well he found a 1000gal tank for both of them. They could not be more happier there in this new tank.
Some people might disagree with my sharks or in any home tanks and I cant disagree one bit. My brother and me tried all Aquaruims and LFS from Long Island to Florida to try to take them because they got to big and of course they said "NO"
So for those people who want a "shark" please think before you make a purchase at a LFS.

These sharks are 8-9 years old now and about 4' long and love to eat. You can't put any fish or any other sharks in this tank anymore b/c they will eat them.
My brother has to empty a 2gal skimmer cup once a day. His sump is 175gal filled with bio balls and some Live rock.
feel free to ask questions, more pics to follow



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jarrett man lemme tell you that is awesome! i see so many people getting shark eggs from lfs and so many people think its so cool and ect... but either they forget the fact of how big they get or kill it in a few weeks. 8-9 years you had them? thats awesome. id love to see some videos and full tank shots of the tank. maybe some feeding videos would be cool! lol are they friendly with you? or aggressive with hands and ect? what are the dementions on the tank? what happened to the eel? how did the eel do with the sharks? great job man that must be awesome to stare at. id sit in your basement all day watching lol. congrads on being a good father to them! lol

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