This is bizarre...


The Flying Reefer
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So I had about 6 ceramic frag plugs with zoas on my sandbed. One day I saw that one is missing, looked around, couldn't find it. I decided that I would look for it later and that the flow probably took it somewhere. Next day, another plug is missing and another...ok something is going on here. Since I work a lot I didn't really have time to see exactly what was happening. So 4 frags were missing and I looked around the whole tank, and just could not find them! I seriously did not know what was going on. So today I'm sitting at my computer, next to the tank, and all of a sudden I see my lawnmower blenny grab ANOTHER frag and quickly took it to the back...Im like wtff. My rockwork is pretty complex but I just had to see what was going on. I take out the top rock and surely enough all the frags were there. The blenny literally made a pit for himself by blocking a hole in the rock out of my frags! Son of a *****!:grumpy:


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I hate lawnmower blennies..mine ended up in my overflow and I left his azz there lol. Needless to say I looked before and he doesn't appear to be in there anymore. Oh well. Good luck man he's going to keep doing that. Sump him or get rid of him.


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Thats too funny... my hipo tang takes frags off my frag rack and throws them on the floor I think he is just looking for attention lol


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haha, my rainford goby used to take ric's and mushrooms into his lair...when i lifted up the rock where he made his cave it looked like he took them as decorations for his living room.

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